We seek out ventures that are born out of a creative idea, a new way to approach an old problem, or a complete rethink of a traditional business process.

Challenges are the inspiration.

If it was easy everyone would do it.  It’s the challenge of a new venture that drives us and we understand that enhancing or significantly changing the way a particular industry segment operates is difficult. Resistance and trepidation are the norm when you are trying to introduce something new or change something deeply established. We know it’s not easy and that’s why we do it.

We are exploring a few key problems within certain industry segments at this time. We are constantly exploring, speaking to experts and seeking solutions.

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Preview one of our current ventures.

We are creating an online marketplace known as and are approaching closed BETA testing.

Food producers lack a coordinated marketplace and constantly struggle to balance uncertain supply and demand.  The existing system does not effectively align buyers with sellers and connect them to efficient distribution channels.  The impact is that food producers are continuously struggling to manage an inventory of surplus and time sensitive product.

We are building a solution.